가나(Ghana) 수입 금지 목록

○ 마약류(Narcotic Drugs)

○ 탄약류 - 우편 이용(Ammunition imported by post)

 수은 성분 포함된 비누(Medicated soap containing Mercuric Iodide)

 독성 폐기물(Toxic waste)

 오염 제품(Contaminated goods)

 질병에 감염된 동물 및 사체(Animals and carcasses infected with disease)

 질병에 감염된 식물과 씨앗(Plants and seeds infected with pests or disease)

 외국산 토양(Foreign soil )

 인화성 셀룰로이드 등(Beads of inflammable celluloid or other similar substances)

 육/수로를 통한 원두커피의 수입(Raw coffee imported overland or by inland water-ways)

 위조지폐 및 위조 동전(Counterfeit notes and coins of any country)

 미풍양속을 저해하는 자료 및 출판물(pornographic materials and similar articles or publications)

 너클 더스터 (Knuckle dusters)

 상표 위조 제품(Goods bearing fraudulent trademarks or infringing any copyright law)

 위험한 무기(Dangerous weapons such as flick and paper knives)

 육로 혹은 수로를 통한 약물 수입(Drugs imported overland or by inland water ways)

 법으로 금지하는 물건(Goods prohibited by any law in Ghana )

 육상컨테이너 수입(Importation by containers overland is absolutely prohibited)



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